futurekids | inservice

Canada quartet futurekids‘s debut track Inservice taken from their forthcoming EP Say Goodnight to the Machines.

The storyboard was rendered by hand between June 12 and August 17, bassist/songwriter Nicholas Friesen spent 192 hours crafting this heart-breaking animated story following the journey of an assembled 4-track experiencing friendship and the ups and downs of falling in love. Check it out below.

The video follows up a series of video collaborations between Friesen and Polaris Music Prize nominee Greg MacPherson.

In the video, you’ll meet a mischievous android (4-trak), the band’s #1 fan (Olivia Sea) and animated versions of Gareth, Josh, Ian and Nicholas. It’s kind of a film about our relationships with technology.

‘Say Goodnight to the Machines’, is due out digitally in September 2014. Peace.

Inservice – futurekids from Nicholas Friesen on Vimeo.

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