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abra | rose | listening party

  abra | rose | listening party   Abra is a shot in the dark. A kind of drive-by shooting unloading with unavoidable musical scatter shot, your hit and bleeding fragmented beats and muted synths. But instead of a disorienting ringing in your ears you get something newly nostalgic and soul soothing. Abra presents a […]

san fermin | jackrabbit (ra ra riot remix)

  san fermin | jackrabbit (ra ra riot remix)   San Fermin is full of grace and a storied place amongst my most recent and favorite things, songs namely. Their Ra Ra Riot remixed track Jackrabbit is infused with a masterful concinnity which makes me smile and dance shamelessly. I hope you liketh it as […]

cut copy | forest through the trees (mixtape)

Cut Copy gives the world, and all those with hearing ears, a bit of auditory joy to behold. Now ask yourself, do you deserve this? Are you even really ready? I hope you answer in the affirmative to both inquiries. The mixtape coincides with the announcement of the group’s upcoming DJ tour, and features tracks […]

blood orange | on the line

  blood orange | on the line Blood Orange (Devonté Hynes) is a man after my own ears, and here’s a BO throwback from a few years ago. “One The Line” is a favorite of mine and I’m hoping you like it too. The track hails from Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe (2013) release courtesy of […]

the weeknd | can’t feel my face

  the weeknd | can’t feel my face   The Weeknd always manages to come into the ring swingin’ and his latest “Can’t Feel My Face” is a knockout. Coming off the recent success of “Earned It” from the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack we’ve hardly had time to catch our breath. But I suspect […]

gallant | open up

  Gallant is a product of Los Ang and imagine there is much more to this young lion that the LA experience. He’s done nothing less than slipping our ears a bit of tongue on his steady rise to fame and fortune. And in case you missed his previous Talking In Your Sleep, well now […]

johan agebjörn | the best thing (ft. sally shapiro (electric youth cover)

  If ever one could lasso a cumulus cloud and melt it, then drip drop the soft rain glow against one’s ears I am pretty certain it would like replicate Sally Shapiro’s giant-sized petite vocals. Here, Johan Agebjörn and Ms. Shapiro take the Electric Youth track The Best Thing and treat it like a bejeweled […]

alabama shakes | sound & color

  Alabama Shakes is a band of unassuming wonder and mesmerizing candor. In 2012 they spilled the coolest beans with their (Boys & Girls) release. We know the carnage their collective artistry waged; left us drunk on lust and languid. We were loved and tossed, lovingly bruised, and in the end left spent, yet still […]

the chainsmokers | let you go (the golden pony remix)

  The Chainsmokers are known for setting the club on fire and we’re not talking about stop, drop and roll. Or are we? Let that marinate for a sec and afterwards you can cop a FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW of the Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix) right here and right now. How’s that for […]

sondre lerche | despite the night (megamix)

  Sondre Lerche is riven with a burning desire to make your ears ache with adoration, and he succeeds. And with the first single Despite The Night (Megamix) dropping like the happiest happy bomb my ears are already a bit mad. The track is lifted from the forthcoming Despite The Night EP, due to drop […]