abra | rose | listening party

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abra | rose | listening party

Abra is a shot in the dark. A kind of drive-by shooting unloading with unavoidable musical scatter shot, your hit and bleeding fragmented beats and muted synths. But instead of a disorienting ringing in your ears you get something newly nostalgic and soul soothing. Abra presents a refreshingly odd school slash old school sound persona, and it is both highly desirous and wickedly adept at being sleek, sly and sumptuously delicious. If Technotronic and Aaliyah fooled around around in the spacious backseat of a 93′ Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham whelp Arba would be the ensuing winsome lovechild. Continue reading “abra | rose | listening party”

cut copy | forest through the trees (mixtape)

Cut Copy gives the world, and all those with hearing ears, a bit of auditory joy to behold. Now ask yourself, do you deserve this? Are you even really ready? I hope you answer in the affirmative to both inquiries. The mixtape coincides with the announcement of the group’s upcoming DJ tour, and features tracks from Chemical Brothers, Four Tet, Jamie xx, Talking Heads and others. So, press play below and get all caught up and discombobulated in the magnificent undertow that is the Forest Through The Trees Mixtape. Enjoy to the neglect to all other tasks and responsibilities (I never said that). Tour dates after the jump. Peace. Continue reading “cut copy | forest through the trees (mixtape)”

johan agebjörn | the best thing (ft. sally shapiro (electric youth cover)

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If ever one could lasso a cumulus cloud and melt it, then drip drop the soft rain glow against one’s ears I am pretty certain it would like replicate Sally Shapiro’s giant-sized petite vocals. Here, Johan Agebjörn and Ms. Shapiro take the Electric Youth track The Best Thing and treat it like a bejeweled whisper. Its lovely stuff. Continue reading “johan agebjörn | the best thing (ft. sally shapiro (electric youth cover)”

alabama shakes | sound & color

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Alabama Shakes is a band of unassuming wonder and mesmerizing candor. In 2012 they spilled the coolest beans with their (Boys & Girls) release. We know the carnage their collective artistry waged; left us drunk on lust and languid. We were loved and tossed, lovingly bruised, and in the end left spent, yet still groping under the covers for one more warm feel. We now know Britney Howard as a bonafide soul woman, a southern rock goddess personified and a lyrical groit with solar powered lungs that’ll fuck you up if your ears can’t hold your their auricular liquor. Continue reading “alabama shakes | sound & color”