frank ocean | provider | lyric video

Latest track, Provider from Frank Ocean

frank ocean | provider | lyric video

Nothing about Frank Ocean surprises me, he moves to the beat of his own drum. So, it’s not surprising that while a lot of eyes and ears were focused on the entertainment of the VMAs on a otherwise droll Sunday on MTV those tuning in to Mr. Ocean’s Blonded Radio got first dibs on his latest ear candy, Provider. This is typical music from Frank Ocean, it’s easy on the ears and overspilling with existential and obscure references and phraseology. Basically, lyrics that will keep you up at night sussing them over for meaning and self-application.  Also, check out the rest of the song playlist from Episode 007 on Blonded Radio down below. Alright ya’ll, I am going to keep this brief, check it out the latest track Provider from Frank Ocean, and make sure to come back often for new music every week. Peace. Continue reading “frank ocean | provider | lyric video”

daniel caesar | violet

Daniel Caesar Violet Review

Daniel Caesar does a lot with his universe-given voice and he uses it as a power for good. But what I love and admire most about Daniel Caesar is his ability to convey genuine emotion in the form of fear, hope, uncertainty, and an authentic jubilation to be doing what he is doing.  Growing up in a small town in Oshsawa, Canada into a very religiously rigorous household with so many constraints and little freedom proved to be the perfect place to create the persona we know of today as Daniel Caesar. Because without his particular parentage, childhood, religious experience, and involvement in the church choir we would not know the beautiful pain we hear in so many of his touching songs. And what’s equally amazing is he’s just getting started. And, I know, I’m late to the game but better late than never. Check out the track, Violet to get a glimpse into this up and coming singer/songwriter’s musical vision, approach, and execution. It really is quite something to hear. Much love. Continue reading “daniel caesar | violet”

hundred waters | blanket me

hundred waters blanket me

hundred waters  |  blanket

it’s been a long four years since one of the most under the radar acts released their incredibly touching and self-titled debut Hundred Waters courtesy of OWSLA. And although our appetites for more have been temporaily sated with the bands 5-track Currency EP earlier this year we still crave more. With the reveal of the first single Blanket Me, fans are reminded of the many reasons we  love Hundred Waters. This song is powerful in scope and lifts you up, sweeping you away upon gosomer wings. Beautifully majestic. Mostly though it is the beautific lightning strike delivered through the silken vocals of Nicole Miglis, her delivery is salve for what ails you.  The single is out now and hopefully signals the release of a forthcoming album on the horizon. We’ll keep you abreast, but for now enjoy. Peace. Continue reading “hundred waters | blanket me”

slow dancer | i would

slow dancer in a mood

slow dancer | i would

Australia’s Simon Okely is Slow Dancer and his brand of music is drenched is soulful permutations from a long-ago era. Slow Dancer’s current release, In A Mood courtesy of ATO Records, is a collection of bluesy, folksy, and jazzy odes armed to disarm and seduce. But above all Slow Dancer’s current body of work evokes romance and a delightful tenderness, and displays an artist paying homage to the best crooners of the 60s and 70s. This is an album definitely geared towards low-lights, easy conversations, sipping bourbon and enjoying the company of a lover.  An album which will set the mood for good times ahead and perhaps bouts of self-introspection. Also, I swear vocalist Simon Okely is channeling James Taylor like a mug! Enjoy the featured track I Would, and rest of the In A Mood album release soon and often. Catch Slow Dancer on tour, dates after the jump. Peace. Continue reading “slow dancer | i would”

planetarium | sufjan stevens, bryce dessner, nico muhly, james mcAlister

i’ve read many over analyzed reviews concerning the album Planetarium by the super group consisting of Sufijan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, and James McAlister, that is nigh impossible to get an idea of whether I am reading reviews penned by living and breathing humans or unfeeling bots.

Planetarium 4AD

when approaching new music my methhod is this, mostly ignore other reviews at all costs. reading to what somebody else has to say can often muddy the waters. so i just listen to the music, beleaguered or unfettered within my own limited experiences and perspectives. and by doing things this way is assertively and fundamentally okay with me. although, i must add sonic missteps do occur so there’s that. but isn’t the possibility of disappointment part and parcel to the discovery of new music? the risk of the music not meeting your expectations happens. that’s just life. generally speaking though unless your going out on a limb and dropping the needle on a band or artist’s music you haven’t enjoyed before it is pretty much a safe bet you will like their new material, but they’re exceptions. but if i don’t like something it isn’t wrong to critque it. i just do it tastefully minus the robost disdain. hence, you won’t read negative reviews by me on my blog. not that you’ll like everything here, but you just might.

why is it i without negative reviews? well, because if i don’t like the music what’s the point of spreading negetivity? hell, i didn’t like john coltranes’ ‘a love surpreme’ upon first listen. so what do i know? in a nut shell, i like what i like and that’s the way it is. however, with the release of Planetarium, which i picked up at a local record store, i was both lucky and appreciatve. while combing through the stacks i chanced upon this would be jewel and remembered i had been looking for it but had forgotten my curiosity interest about it until now. serendip. but even after my purchase it was a full week before i dropped the needle on it. but drop the needle i did.
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fleet foxes | crack up

Fleet Foxes Crack-Up


fleet foxes  |  crack up

To say the Portland, Oregon-based band Fleet Foxes, have been in limbo for the past six years is not only unfair but offensive in the worst possible way. This is an album which has absorbed, not only the past six years, but both further back and in a future projected with a bit a wary trepidation as well. Crack-Up, here is an album which may be more Helplessness Blues than the original Helplessness Blues. Continue reading “fleet foxes | crack up”

war on drugs | holding on

War On Drugs A Deeper Understanding

The Philadelphia band War On Drugs keeps getting better and better! It’s true. I have been a fan since 2009 upon hearing “I’ve been wandering by your room and nothings coming out…” This band moves you, gets into your pores, drips from you ear-space and cuts into your emotions like a highly keen razor-edged knife. It’s is an apt descriptor, because, you won’t know how this music affects you until you experience it and try to move away and live without it. Then like a razor ghosting over the skin, you’re cut! Yet, the cut seems at first superficial, you don’t know its there until you disturb it, then the flesh pours out a fine rivulet of bright red blood. The only workable tourniquet is to play the music often and loud. Great music is like that, it does something to you, and the War On Drugs there’s plenty to enjoy. Continue reading “war on drugs | holding on”

i promise | radiohead | OKNOTOK 1997-2017

OKNOTOK 1997-2017
For diehard Radiohead fans the newly mastered track I Promise is no surprise, the song has been in the bands repertoire and spotted here and there for over twenty years and some change. However, what is new is the band’s forthcoming OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017.

Now, that is something to kick the can down the street about, no? I for one, am looking forward to dropping the needle down on the probably elegant vinyl edition of the 20th anniversary issue.

After the jump, check out the Michał Marczak directed video for the track I Promise and get all starry-eyed and fanstruck! I know I did. Peace. Continue reading “i promise | radiohead | OKNOTOK 1997-2017”

gorillaz | humanz

gorillaz  |  humanz

gorillaz | humanz

About the Gorillaz. Well, as one of my all-time favorite bands they haven’t failed me and with the release of their brand new spanking 26-track album (Yes! 26 tracks!) Humanz courtesy of Parlophone Records, they sound better than ever! It is crazy to imagine that it has been 7 years since their last release. But, what’s really cool is the fact that collectively the Gorillaz have not missed a fuckin’ beat. I don’t even know where to start with this review. Continue reading “gorillaz | humanz”

frank ocean | lens | w/travis scott

frank ocean  |  lens  | w/travis scott
Sir Frank Ocean drops new track Lens w/Travis Scott and it’s not so much a sparkler (it is a sparkler) as it is unexpected and out of the blue. But we know that’s just Mr. Oceans style and patented preferred modus operandi to toss out musical bones whenever he dines to do so, but as long as he keeps dropping smooth shit we’re A-O-KAY with it! The track opens up with a slow motion timbre and mood, which is perhaps the best way to open a Frank Ocean track. This one is a small toke but the hit is just as potent and effective. It expands and allows for plenty of space for reflection and introspection, which seems to be par for the course ala his post Blond release. This one is a collabo with Travis Scott and if this is what they’re putting out then, more of this please! Peace. Continue reading “frank ocean | lens | w/travis scott”