frank ocean | lens | w/travis scott

frank ocean  |  lens  | w/travis scott
Sir Frank Ocean drops new track Lens w/Travis Scott and it’s not so much a sparkler (it is a sparkler) as it is unexpected and out of the blue. But we know that’s just Mr. Oceans style and patented preferred modus operandi to toss out musical bones whenever he dines to do so, but as long as he keeps dropping smooth shit we’re A-O-KAY with it! The track opens up with a slow motion timbre and mood, which is perhaps the best way to open a Frank Ocean track. This one is a small toke but the hit is just as potent and effective. It expands and allows for plenty of space for reflection and introspection, which seems to be par for the course ala his post Blond release. This one is a collabo with Travis Scott and if this is what they’re putting out then, more of this please! Peace.

Artist: Frank Ocean
Track: Lens
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