now, now // giants

Instantly I liked this. It’s the tickling synth intro. Then the gently thrummed guitar. It’s the steady uphill climb until the sun breaks out and singer-keyboardist-guitarist Cacie Dalager opens her mouth. She had me at, “If I believed in god I would not have done the things you’ve done…” What is there to do against such a song? Nothing. Just try and be still and attune every fiber of your being to the task of listening and absorbing every single note. “Giants” is a formidable and precious song, even more so in its acoustic version. Which is also available on their EP Neighbors. Their album dropped last year 2010, but so what, it’s still brilliantly awesome. Peace.

P.S. Is Cacie Dalager channeling Harriet Wheeler? Just a thought. Continue reading “now, now // giants”

Bon Iver – Beth/Rest Solo Piano Version

Bon Iver - Beth/Rest (Solo Piano Version)

Under normal circumstances I’m not one for surprises. However, like with most things in life there are those rare exceptions. Justin Vernor of Bon Iver is without a doubt an incredibly talented craftsman. What he does with chords and lyrics is nothing less than stellar. So, can his song craft get any better? Apparently so. Just when I thought he couldn’t take it to another level Mr. Vernon pulls a rabbit out of his hat. On his latest album Bon Iver, Bon Iver  the album closes with the song “Beth/Rest”. Now, even if you think the song is a bit grandiose it’s still a great song. Now, the surprise. Justin Vernon has taken this song and stripped it down to its bare bones, and what is left is pretty damn good, and that’s an understatement. Some people categorize Beth/Rest as a love song. Yes, it is a love song albeit a broken or a strained love song, and something wholly different too. It is almost a gospel musing with its naked spirituality, replete with declarations of something akin to a soulful throwing down of the gauntlet and taking a stance and confronting a thing head-on.

When Justin sings:

all the news at the door
such a revelry
well, it’s hocked inside
of everything you said to me

it was found what we orphaned
didn’t mention it would serve us picked
well your love is known
I’m standing up on it

aren’t we married?!
I ain’t living in the dark no more
it’s not a promise,
I’m just gonna call it…

This is the punch in the gut, it is a wake-up call. Whatever happened has come to the light of day. They either suffer and wrestle through it, or call it quits.

The song is now raw and intense and I can’t stop listening to it. Peace.