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kendra mckinley // chestnut street

  Kendra McKinley lays it down soft and sweet, and with her jazzy-ish folk pop sound your ears will be in pure ecstasy with her light and easy playfulness. Check out her Chestnut Street LP out now. The songs remind me of a steamy rainy indelible night I once met. Peace.

The Black Atlantic – Darkling, I Listen

The band The Black Atlantic hails from a place in the Netherlands. Their acoustic music is rich, velvety and ethereal. It harkens out of darkness, spreading it’s wings against the painful light of day.

now, now // giants

Instantly I liked this. It’s the tickling synth intro. Then the gently thrummed guitar. It’s the steady uphill climb until the sun breaks out and singer-keyboardist-guitarist Cacie Dalager opens her mouth. She had me at, “If I believed in god I would not have done the things you’ve done…” What is there to do against […]

Bon Iver – Beth/Rest Solo Piano Version

Under normal circumstances I’m not one for surprises. However, like with most things in life there are those rare exceptions. Justin Vernor of Bon Iver is without a doubt an incredibly talented craftsman. What he does with chords and lyrics is nothing less than stellar. So, can his song craft get any better? Apparently so. […]