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born ruffians // with her shadow

The snow is lightly falling here in Michigan, and like the light and fragile flakes of billowy white the song “With Her Shadow,” by Born Ruffians is tranquility beheld or be-heard (Hey, poetic license is where it’s at). Born Ruffians are gearing up for the release of ‘Birth Marks‘ this spring April 16th. Peace.

keeping in touch: interview with meredith meyer of young unknowns

This is the inaugural interview for my new ‘Keeping In Touch’ series where I will be checking in on artists I’ve previously reviewed just to see what they’re up to. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Meredith Meyer of the uniquely talented band Young Unknowns. And from this exchange of words I came […]

girls names // pittura infamante

Belfast foursome Girls Names are unlike most bands in that they have forged a signature sound which keeps getting better with every release. If you heard the band’s debut LP ‘Dead To Me’ it was a fiery shot across the bow of ears everywhere. Now, with the release of their sophomore album ‘The New Life‘ […]

japanese popstars // matter of time (ft. green velvet)

you never quite know what you’re going to get with the japanese popstars, and maybe that’s a good thing. if you know anything about jp then you know they have a penchant for teaming up with a kaleidoscope of artists to further their impressive oeuvre. after the jump listen to, “matter of time” (ft. green […]

chromatics // let’s kiss (sunday morning mix)

the chromatics have been getting a lot of request for the songs used in a recent interview, so the ever gracious johnny jewel put together this sunday morning mix minus with a few extras thrown in for good measure. you’ll hear from bands symmetry, new farah, komeda and tangerine dream just to name a few. […]

david byrne & st. vincent // who

long time music innovator david byrne teams up with the golden-throated st. vincent for the sonically profound track, “who”. and although st. vincent (annie clark) finds herself mostly subdued in the video mr. byrne is frolicking non-stop but in a much better fitting suit than yesteryear.

manor // afghan hound

Manor is Caitlin Duff and Nathaniel Morse of Melbourne, Australia. The song “Afghan Hound,” in my opinion sounds like the shadows of haunting memories dripping with sweet honey and melancholy, it is the sonic approximation of a warm blanket on a cold night. And then there is the song, “Rhodesia,” which is a dogeared book […]

the fiber // away with words

Sjaak Kassies has this project called The Fiber and it keeps him busy. His latest release is the single, “Away With Words” and it is a melancholy piece of music shrouded in setting suns and thunder storms. It is a song best served with the lights dim and one’s heart heavy and introspective. The Fiber […]

parlovr // holding on to something

Earlier this month (May 16th), Montreal three-piece Parlovr released their soul-spacious 2nd LP Kook Soul and it is a wonderment to behold. The trio formed in ’05 and they’ve been up to no good ever since. Listen to their track, “Holding On To Something,” to get a feel for their interpretation of clever punkish-pop. You […]

Nikki & The Dove // Tomorrow

Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf collectively pit themselves against our eardrums as the band Nikki & The Dove. And thus far they’re winning us over to the bright side with kaleidoscopic musical fare one song at a time. And their  latest track “Tomorrow” is another example of why I am eagerly awaiting their forthcoming Instinct […]