throwback thursday: saf

throwback thursday  |  saf
throwback thursday | saf


throwback thursday | saf

The London project proudly bearing the acronym SAF (Sick As Fuck) is so worth our nostalgic attention as the lead band in our weekly Throwback Thursday feature. I long for them like a hungered man fresh out of meaningful and emotive sustenance. SAF doesn’t have a lot of material but the lil’ handful on material they created is goody goody gumdrops good. Check out the few tracks I culled from their diminutive cartulary. Peace. Continue reading “throwback thursday: saf”

grizzly bear // will calls + marfa demo

Grizzly Bear are re-issuing the album Shields not to be vainglorious but perhaps (fingers crossed) as preemptive strike to our hearts and souls to a maybe forthcoming release. This one will be an expanded version with bonus tracks and demos from the Shields sessions, also expect a few remixes and such. Street date is November 12th via Warp Records. Check out the track Will Calls and its ok, go ahead a swoon a little bit. Get the lyrics too after the jump. Peace.

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drift wood miracle // mountain

Maybe it was the quaint piano intro. I’m not sure. More than likely though it was the lyrics sung out from the pit of Bryan Robert Diver‘s tenaciously vulnerable heart. But it all comes unhinged at 1:20 when the bass and drum kick in and you are suspended wonderfully (and fecklessly) in Drift Wood Miracle‘s brand of honeyfied Indie rock. The first single Mountain, taken from DWM’s forthcoming LP 21st is sheer seduction, and this listener is pinned beneath it’s thumb. And although I’m trapped I am eagerly awaiting the cavalcade of additional astounding tracks 21st will surely birth unto my ears. The new album drops July 12th. Peace.

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the sherpas // wave to the water

the sherpas  //  wave to the water

Sometimes when someone makes a formal introduction in regards to a formally unknown band or artist it can be a fortuitous meeting. Several hours ago the band member  Pierre Roxon  forwarded to me such an introduction, and this review is my formal ‘thank you very much’.

The band The Sherpas comes to us from across the water, hailing from Exeter and Seaton (respectively), UK. According to other reports the band has been generating a lot of buzz, and making quite a name for itself, after listening to several tracks I can understand why.

Check out The Sherpas brand new video for Wave To The Water. The track is a toned down version of an imploding star and the sparks radiate rhythmically. The track contains just enough rock elements to make this Pop song resonate mightily with gritty determination and star slung potential. Continue reading “the sherpas // wave to the water”

the new self defense // meet me overboard

New York-based alt rockers The New Self Defense give as good as they get. And what’s better than delivering the goods when it comes to rockin’ out? The band’s music has been described as “face melting,” and although my face is still intact my ears are definitely ringing. The band’s latest EP, Meet Me Overboard, released in June 2012 is steeped in the vaulted rock tradition. Check ”em out. Peace. Continue reading “the new self defense // meet me overboard”

atoms for peace // default

Atoms For Peace is indeed playing peek-a-boo with our feelings, and we love it.

Since 2009 Thom Yorke (Radiohead) has been baiting us, perhaps not intentionally but nonetheless we’re baited. Atoms For Peace to date has only revealed two songs, “Default” and “Judge Jury And Executioner,” there are rumors of war (in the studio) of a February 2013 full-length album ‘Amok’ of which you can pre-order via iTunes. Until them check out the Dazed Digital Mixtape by none other than our favorite conjurer of radiantly elliptic music Mr. T. Yorke. Peace. Continue reading “atoms for peace // default”

tame impala // lonerism // rolling stone’s album of the year

You can’t touch music, but music of Tame Impala can touch you.

If it seems like another bout of déjà vu well you’d be right on target. The Perth, Australia rockers of psychedelica Tame Impala have garnered yet another album of the year from Rolling Stone. Last year the foursome’s debut album ‘Innerspeaker’ won the  prestigious award. And if you listen to their 2012 sophomore LP ‘Lonerism‘ there would be little doubt why almost everyone is singing their praises. By the way, Tame Impala are touring soon, so if you want to catch this spectacular band live and in person here’s you chance to say, “I was there when…”. Peace. Continue reading “tame impala // lonerism // rolling stone’s album of the year”

noah and the megafauna // when you’re down (the slackjaw’s serenade)

the song “When You’re Down (The Slackjaw’s Serenade)” is taken from the debut album Anthem’s For A Stateless Nation, this eerily creepy (The Heliograph Project-directed) video features Noah and bandmate Ms. Emily St Amand Poliakoff together on camera again. And although this is no Oscar-winning performance it gets the job done. peace. Continue reading “noah and the megafauna // when you’re down (the slackjaw’s serenade)”

saucy monky // listening to morrissey

what is your ideal of heaven? for many heaven can be pretty matter of fact: a bowl of macaroni of cheese for example. yet, for others it can be more abstract, less specific but still it looms there half-way between one’s subconscious and consciousness. my heaven (one of them), hey who says you gotta’ have just one idea of heaven? anyway, heaven for me involves music and the la-based band saucy monky have this little gem of a song, “listening to morrissey”. the song weaves tranquil melody with intelligent lyricism; two essential combinations which encourage a listener to click repeat over and over. for more, and i highly suggest you check out more, visit the band’s soundcloud, and while you at it watch their latest video for the song, “awkward” it’ll make you … feel things. peace. Continue reading “saucy monky // listening to morrissey”

afghan whigs | lovecrimes (frank ocean cover)

What is it folks say about imitation being a compliment or something or other? I’m kidding! I know the adage is to express the greatest platitudes of flattery and Cincinnati’s Afghan Whigs have expressed it abundantly with their guitar-ridden cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lovecrimes”. I’d buy this, but as fortune would have it the Lovecrimes cover is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Also, the A-to-the-F are recently, and currently reunited and soon to be out on tour. Here’s a little badass reminder of why you (should) love them. Peace. Continue reading “afghan whigs | lovecrimes (frank ocean cover)”