big grams | big grams ep

big grams | big grams

big grams | big grams ep

Big Grams is the supergroup comprised of Big Boi (Outkast) and Phantogram (Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter). If you’re cool you know all of the players involved. Are you cool? Of coarse you are. The bands long talked about and much anticipated album is out now courtesy of Epic Records. The self-titled Big Grams EP is seven tempestuous tracks fluent in debauchery. And well, if you like debauchery like I do this one will surely satisfy. Stick around, after the jump check out much more ’cause they’ll be video games too. Continue reading “big grams | big grams ep”

catch the throne | catch the throne: the mixtape

Perhaps you heard of the HBO series Game of Thrones. And according to the shows popularity it isn’t for fanboys and fangirls anymore. It has reached the masses, some 14-million viewers tune in religiously. Cringe. And much to the chagrin of said fanboys and fangirls it isn’t an inside thing anymore, but it’s all good in the hood of Winterfell. Game of Thrones is cool now, and perhaps it always has been. The books are well written and utterly captivating. And if you haven’t caught GOT fever it may be just a matter of time. For each season the show, which began in 20111 and is adapted from the novels of the now living legend author rock star George R.R. Martin, is among the most anticipated shows in cable history (Second only to HBO’s The Sopranos). And make no mistake the GOT 2014 season premiere has fans going absolutely bonkers.

Now, you can bump Game of Thrones through your speakerbox way past 11. HBO in collaboration with Launch Point Records has released Catch The Throne, The Mixtape: Game of Thrones. Listen to some of the biggest names in hip hop show their collective love for all things Game of Thrones. The ATL’s Big Boi (OutKast) is not only a fan, but had this to say,

“Game of Thrones” is just not for nerds, you know, it’s for smart people. And if you like storytelling, then you can get into it. Once you get into the first season, you’re gonna be hooked, though.”

All tracks utilize samples from the Game of Thrones Original Soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi. The Game of Thrones season premiere is April 6th but I suspect you already knew that. Peace. Continue reading “catch the throne | catch the throne: the mixtape”

frank ocean // pink matter remix (ft. big boi)

Cotton Candy, Majin Buu and the dirty southern Big Boi.

Not only is the song “Pink Matter,” the center piece of Frank Ocean‘s ‘Channel Orange‘ (my opinion) it is also my favorite of the 17-song debut release. However, now the track reaches greater heights of dope-ability with the added vocal presence of Big Boi (OutKast). This is a must have remix and it can be yours just by clicking here and downloading your free copy. Peace. Continue reading “frank ocean // pink matter remix (ft. big boi)”

big boi // lines (ft. a$ap rocky & phantogram)

our most down south maestro of music big boi is def on some next level shit and bringin’ it! the track “lines” is a quite southerly gale blowin’ dangerously across your earscape. know this, this track is just a sample of what is to come from big boi’s forthcoming ‘vicious lies and dangerous rumors’ album release hitting shelves december 11th everywhere. peace. Continue reading “big boi // lines (ft. a$ap rocky & phantogram)”