Now, Now – Dead Oaks

With a voice as adorable as a kitten drinking a bowl of warm cream, Now, Now lead-singer Cacie Dalager has it out for me, because she is killing me softly. The band is putting the finishing touches on their sophomore LP Threads, set to drop March 6th 2012 via Trans Records. If you haven’t heard they’re pretty great. Check out the track below. Peace.


This live session is such a sweet little visual of Now, Now performing “Neighbors”, offering testament why so many are head over heels, falling.

now, now // giants

Instantly I liked this. It’s the tickling synth intro. Then the gently thrummed guitar. It’s the steady uphill climb until the sun breaks out and singer-keyboardist-guitarist Cacie Dalager opens her mouth. She had me at, “If I believed in god I would not have done the things you’ve done…” What is there to do against such a song? Nothing. Just try and be still and attune every fiber of your being to the task of listening and absorbing every single note. “Giants” is a formidable and precious song, even more so in its acoustic version. Which is also available on their EP Neighbors. Their album dropped last year 2010, but so what, it’s still brilliantly awesome. Peace.

P.S. Is Cacie Dalager channeling Harriet Wheeler? Just a thought. Continue reading “now, now // giants”