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japanese breakfast | in heaven

japanese breakfast | in heaven   Japanese Breakfast has an endearing way of making quirky lo-fi dream pop that is often raucous, but at times soft and tender. Case in point the latter, the track In Heaven is soft around the edges like Robert Smith at his melancholy best.

mass gothic | nice night

  mass gothic | nice night   Noel Heroux formerly of the New York rockfit Hooray For Earth, has broken type and reinvented himself, musically and otherwise, as Mass Gothic. The new music is rich, raw and with a low sail it plows the rough seas of the human heart beautifully. His self-titled Sub-Pop release […]

teen | tokyo

  teen | tokyo   TEEN is a band manned with four future UN ambassadors for the of Island Fun! And while this may (or may not) be entirely a truism it rings as such. Teeny Lieberson and company have spun out (through not fault of their own) yet another wonderfully jollified diversion. The music […]

sorority noise | either way

  sorority noise | either way   Sorority Noise are solidly east coasters hailing from good old Hartford, Connecticut. And obviously good old Hartford is a pretty good place to stare up an indie rock band. This winsome foursome dedecks their It Kindly Stopped For Me EP with introspective and thoughtful odes to the sour […]

swimm | beverly hells ep

  swimm | beverly hells ep   Los Angeles-based Swimm (Chris Hess and Adam Winn) release their 6-track Beverly Hells EP via 24 West Records. This isn’t just another tidy release, these are a pocketful of songs of an ebullient vibrancy, and a few all aglow with a lustrous meditative quality (me thinks the tracks […]

oscar | sometimes

  oscar | sometimes   The artist Oscar sound like what you’d get if you took The Smiths, The B-52’s and The Cars and blended them all together to make the world’s coolest, and freshest, post-punk smoothie ever. Check out his track Sometimes. The song Sometimes is the new single from his forthcoming debut album, […]

bad bad hats | psychic reader

  bad bad hats | psychic reader   Minneapolis cool kids Bad Bad Hats spill a glut of material on their most recent release Psychic Reader, out now courtesy of Afternoon Records. The more I listen the more lead vocalist Kerry Alexander’s voice is slowly melting my mind with total sweetness. Check out a couple […]

throwback thursday: saf

  throwback thursday | saf   The London project proudly bearing the acronym SAF (Sick As Fuck) is so worth our nostalgic attention as the lead band in our weekly Throwback Thursday feature. I long for them like a hungered man fresh out of meaningful and emotive sustenance. SAF doesn’t have a lot of material […]

throwback thursday: hop along | tibetan pop stars

  hop along | tibetan pop stars Philadelphia indie garage rockers Hop Along gives us a beyond ample excuse to revisit 2012. It was a quaint little album titled Get Disowned and an even obscurer foursome bearing the appellation Hop Along. Seems unassuming enough, except not. Now all would have been well and fine, and […]

futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt

  futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt   Futurekids always keep things interesting and fresh picked. I also lovingly appreciate the chill vibe the band emit through low-key sound miracles and surprisingly sentimental ditties. Case in point, the premiere of White Girl In A Wu Tang Shirt offers the quaint and lovey […]