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chromatics // let’s kiss (sunday morning mix)

the chromatics have been getting a lot of request for the songs used in a recent interview, so the ever gracious johnny jewel put together this sunday morning mix minus with a few extras thrown in for good measure. you’ll hear from bands symmetry, new farah, komeda and tangerine dream just to name a few. […]

chromatics // candy (official video)

And the Chromatics just keep ’em coming, which is seriously just peaches and cream for me. Here, I’ve got the 4th single “Candy” from Kill For Love. Still no official details regarding a release date. After the jump listen and watch the Alberto Rossini directed video and let Ruth Radelet‘s tale up there. I’ve also […]

chromatics // kill for love (officail video)

The Chromatics create sensual electro-pop deeply steeped in post-New Order atmospherics. As a testament to the longevity of their sound, and a growing fan base their song “Tick Of The Clock” made the line-up on the Drive Soundtrack way back in the day. The album Night Drive debuted back in 2007 and still it holds […]