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maya jane coles // everything (ft. karin park)

Maya Jane Coles is responsible for one the most highly anticipated LP of the summer, the forthcoming debut album Comfort (via Maya’s own I/AM/ME label and Kobalt) which drops in July. After the jump check out the official tracklist. Also, there is a litany of guest appearances, from the likes of Catherine Pockson (of Alpines […]

karin park // restless (video premiere)

The music made by Karin Park is often complex in an neon-colored and electrified Rubik’s cube sort of way. However, the Olle Lundin-directed video for the song, “Restless,” is very, let’s say DYI. The song is taken from the forthcoming debut album Highwire Poetry due for release later this month. For a proper interview of […]

Karin Park // Fryngies (Moullinex Remix)

What happens when a girl from Dalarna, Sweden, grows up with the stunning voice of an angel? Well, she makes a living as a singer, duh! I’m talking about Karin Park, and she is indeed blessed (and badass). Karin’s latest LP draws references from a myriad of after dark and dance inspiring influences, i.e. Dubstep, Industrial, […]