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bad bad hats | psychic reader

  bad bad hats | psychic reader   Minneapolis cool kids Bad Bad Hats spill a glut of material on their most recent release Psychic Reader, out now courtesy of Afternoon Records. The more I listen the more lead vocalist Kerry Alexander’s voice is slowly melting my mind with total sweetness. Check out a couple […]

our sunday best: the electric fetus & minnesota craft breweries

  I had the pleasure of visiting the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota recently and for two weeks I got to know the geography and the people. The geography is fairly standard issue. Not so dissimilar from the environs of my home state of Michigan. Yes, there are the rivers thrice which are the […]

poliça // smug

  The Minneapolis-based band’s new album Shulamith drops October 22nd courtesy of Mom + Pop Records (US), October 21st on Memphis Industries (UK), and October 18th on Inertia (Aus). Check out the band’s latest track Smug, it’s pretty much it more of the same ole good stuff from spectacular band. I am so looking looking […]

sombear // love you in the dark

Trans- Records artist and Minneapolis, MN resident Sombear (electro-pop artist Brad Hale) just dropped his latest single, “Love You In The Dark”. It’s a sultry number with a hypnotic appeal and sensual vibe. The track is taken from his soon to be released Love You In The Dark LP, out July 23rd. Hey, I’m still […]

poliça // tiff (justin vernon)

Poliça’s first new recording since Give You the Ghost and as much as I raved about them last year I am simply over the moon to hear their brand new single, Tiff (feat. Justin Vernon). No new information about their sophomore album but I’ll just take what I can get for now and enjoy this. […]

dark dark dark // how it went down

The album Who Needs Who by the Minnesotan band Dark Dark Dark was one of a few hidden gems which was released last year but it may have flew below your radar. The good thing about penning a music blog is the ability to rectify those lapses in musical exposure (lol). Seriously though, the track […]

on and on // the hunter

the band On And On, which have roots in both chi-town and the jucy lucy, have been doing the music thing for a long time. finally though, Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing have combined forces and the results are solid. the trios latest is the album, ‘Give In’ via Roll Call Records. the first […]

night moves // colored emotions

Night Moves is a band that sounds like something both familiar and comforting. The band’s debut album ‘Colored Emotions’ is nothing but song after song of exemplary music. After the jump take a listen and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you. Peace.

on an on // ghosts

the chicago and minneapolis based trio on an on are scheduled to release their debut album ‘give in‘ on january 29th, 2013 via roll call records. as a preview check out the band’s video for their lead single, “ghosts,” it is a soft and none to sweet spoonful of electronic earstuff. peace.

poliça // the maker (gardens and villa remix)

You’ve likely noticed (if you have a history here) that I’ve reviewed several songs by Poliça and here is yet another reason for me to continue my on-going admiration for this great Minnesota band. Dropping August 14th, Mom + Pop Music will reissue Poliça‘s recently released debut album Give You The Ghost. described the […]