mimicking birds | bloodlines


mimicking birds | bloodlines

Mimicking Birds opens up a main vein and let’s the essence of audible offerings out. We’re thankful as Sunday parishioners for the track Bloodlines. This song is of such character it’ll manage subtle slights of hand and leaves you wanting to visit often to unravel it’s tricks. But there aren’t any charades here, the music just surrounds you in feelings seldom unleashed. The track Owl Hoots is a flourish of breath stealing vapor and I am enamored like a certain Montague sweet on a beauteous Capulet.

Check out the band’s Eon album out now via Glacial Pace Records. Currently, the band is on tour with Modest Mouse and mayhap you can catch ’em. Peace. Continue reading “mimicking birds | bloodlines”

rare monk | ain’t no sunshine | bill withers cover

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the young Turks of Rare Monk have a sonic resilience that’s like everything and nothing you’ve ever heard. While the obvious signposts are there to guide you (Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, Phoenix), Rare Monk combine their love of both 90s and contemporary Indie Rock with a fevered Pop intensity, before shooting the whole thing into outer space to see what comes back. As frontman Dorian Aites puts it, “Although we draw upon many genres for inspiration, we’ve been creating our own thing based on nothing other than the idea that, ‘these are the songs we wrote cause they sound cool’”. Continue reading “rare monk | ain’t no sunshine | bill withers cover”

wampire // giants + video

Grab a kid and make them worship this band.

Portland-based five-pointed star ship Wampire unveil a bangin’ new video (directed by David Fine by the way). The short contains equal parts mirth and the oft times mendicant and tumultuous push-n-pull between hirsute men and blue-eyed women the world over. You’ll adore the ‘Lac emblem, beach dancing, and actor Patrick Dunnam’s longish pit follicles blowing in the Pacific airstream. I did. Yes, I am apologetically weird.

Anyway, the track is one of many (originally there were ten but Beyoncé strong-armed one) from Wampire’s latest ensemble of sound, Curiosity birthed into existence courtesy of Polyvinyl Records. Peace. Continue reading “wampire // giants + video”

wild ones // keep it safe

As their name implies there is nothing boring about Portland-based Wild Ones. And although things are decidedly much less hectic than way back in the days when respective band members were suffering collapsed lungs and blown out eardrums. Now, fit of body and mind (mostly), the five-member Rock/Folk/Pop makers of the good stuff are out touring and singing and playing the living daylights out of the songs from their July 2013 release Keep It Safe. Continue reading “wild ones // keep it safe”

menomena // co-headlining fall tour with the helio sequence

My soul has been deep-fried in the blissful harmonics of sweet song making.


menomena  //  co-headlining fall tour with the helio sequence

Barsuk Records is excited to announce that Menomena is touring this fall in support of their latest album Moms. The co-headlining tour with fellow Portland duo The Helio Sequence starts on September 28th 2013 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and ends on October 25th at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City. Full tour dates are below.

Moms is the Portland-based band’s fifth album, and their first as a duo. The album has been receiving wide praise, with Pitchfork proclaiming “Moms is without doubt the most aggressive record Menomena have ever made” and calling the lead single “Heavy Is As Heavy Does” “gloriously morose.” Rolling Stone likewise hailed the track as “an emotive outburst of a song that expertly sidesteps melodrama – confessional rock thrills without the cheesy aftertaste.” Paste remarked that the record is “the most candid and personal Menomena release to date,” while Under the Radar called Menomena “one of the most well thought-out bands working today, never sacrificing structure or composition in the name of delivering a series of power chords.” Alarm declared that Moms “is arguably Menomena’s best effort to date.” Peace.

Continue reading “menomena // co-headlining fall tour with the helio sequence”

typhoon // dreams of cannibalism + video

Typhoon. All the bodies are everybody, and the songs likewise. Spiritually cloned and adorned.

Today is a good day. Why? Today the Portland, Oregon-based band Typhoon premiered their Matthew Thomas Ross directed video for Dreams Of Cannibalism. The song, with all of it’s wild ranging folk-rockin’ docility comes from their forthcoming album White Lighter, which drops August 20th, 2013 courtesy of Roll Call Records. My favorite song on the new album is “Common Sentiments,” and man can Kyle Morton sing his heinie off!

Of note, if you like what you hear then check out the bands much lauded and sweetly colossus EP, A New Kind Of House. Peace. Continue reading “typhoon // dreams of cannibalism + video”

the shins // swift sessions 7-inch out nov. 23rd

i’m always excited when i hear news about one of my favorite bands …ever! so, needless to say i am more than a little excited to announce the swift sessions record store day exclusive 7-inch single, available at select retailers on November 23rd.

the forthcoming single will feature the swift session versions of “no way down” and “fall of 82”, produced by the shins most excellent keyboardist, richard swift.

stay tuned to RecordStoreDay.com for details about where you can purchase. peace. Continue reading “the shins // swift sessions 7-inch out nov. 23rd”

chromatics // let’s kiss (sunday morning mix)

the chromatics have been getting a lot of request for the songs used in a recent interview, so the ever gracious johnny jewel put together this sunday morning mix minus with a few extras thrown in for good measure. you’ll hear from bands symmetry, new farah, komeda and tangerine dream just to name a few. by the way, i’ve also included the complete chromatic’s album ‘kill for love’ for your listening pleasure. peace. Continue reading “chromatics // let’s kiss (sunday morning mix)”