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radiohead | a moon shaped pool

  radiohead | a moon shaped pool   Radiohead are sneaky bastards aren’t they? But I suspected something was up when they became a headliner at this year’s Lollapalooza Music Festival. Then after droppin’ a couple of tracks Burn The Witch and Daydreaming every fanboy and fangirl were riven with the possibility of a new […]

tree // karma police (official video)

  tree¬† //¬† karma police (official video)   The way out west artist Tree (Oliver Nickell) recently co-directed the video to his astounding Radiohead Karma Police cover. And although the video works well and a visual vehicle it is his re-imagining of the song that sends shivers all over my earlobe. So far, Tree’s Karma […]

atoms for peace // ingenue

When it comes to modern contemporary pop music Thom Yorke has the Midas touch. Or so it seems. Mr. Yorke has a penchant for dance (the video for Lotus Flower anyone?. The Flea/Yorke project known as Atoms For Peace is anything but another permutation of Radiohead, it stretches and shape-shifts into ever interesting and enjoyable […]

atoms for peace // default

Since 2009 Thom Yorke (Radiohead) has been baiting us, perhaps not intentionally but nonetheless we’re baited. Atoms For Peace to date has only revealed two songs, “Default” and “Judge Jury And Executioner,” there are rumors of war (in the studio) of a February 2013 full-length album ‘Amok’ of which you can pre-order via iTunes. Until […]

chet faker | i’m into you | video

  chet faker | i’m into you | video   Chet Faker isn’t an artist shrouded in mystery. A bit of mystique? Yes. This talented singer/songwriter/producer wears his intent, and perhaps his heart too, on his musical sleeve. No secret either how the music he creates is just plain lovely. I also find Chet Faker […]

chet faker // terms and conditions (video)

I’m adding Melbourne, Australia artist Chet Faker (Nick Murphy) to my list of new favs, and with good reason. What originally, and ultimately, won me over was his sumptuous re-edit of Radiohead’s song “Nude” with its drawn out slow-motion honey drip treatment which clings to your soul like sticky whale song. But that was only […]

Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1234567

I get real touchy when folks try to mess with the music of my favorite band. So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the Radiohead TKOL 1234567 Remix, and I actually love it (well, most of it). Here’s the thing though, this retooling of Radiohead’s music has more highlights than lowlights because it was reworked […]