wampire // giants + video

Grab a kid and make them worship this band.

Portland-based five-pointed star ship Wampire unveil a bangin’ new video (directed by David Fine by the way). The short contains equal parts mirth and the oft times mendicant and tumultuous push-n-pull between hirsute men and blue-eyed women the world over. You’ll adore the ‘Lac emblem, beach dancing, and actor Patrick Dunnam’s longish pit follicles blowing in the Pacific airstream. I did. Yes, I am apologetically weird.

Anyway, the track is one of many (originally there were ten but BeyoncĂ© strong-armed one) from Wampire’s latest ensemble of sound, Curiosity birthed into existence courtesy of Polyvinyl Records. Peace. Continue reading “wampire // giants + video”