bonobo | break apart | feat. rhye

bonobo  | break apart  |  feat rhye

bonobo | break apart feat. rhye

Los Angeles soul seeker Bonobo (Simon Green) knows how to whittle the sweetest sound gadgets out of thin air and attach them to the cellular structure of one’s heart. Take a listen, the latest Break Apart featuring Rhye,‘ tells me there is pure pleasure to be had if we only take a moment and experience something new. This is second track lifted from Bonobo’s forthcoming album Migration, to be released January 13th 2017 courtesy of Ninja Tune. Peace.
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how to dress well | salt soul

how to dress well  |  salt soul

how to dress well | salt soul

How To Dress Well (Tom Krell) has done it again with another batch of fantastically crafted songs via his romantic heart to yours. After the jump check out the official audio for the track Salt Soul. It’s one of my new favorite songs. Put don’t just stop there go grab the full-length via iTunes or better yet get the vinyl on Domino. Peace. Continue reading “how to dress well | salt soul”

stealyourgirl | moodtapes vol. one | eve speciall

stealyourgirl  |  moodtapes vol. one  |  eve speciall
stealyourgirl | moodtapes vol. one | eve speciall


stealyourgirl  |  moodtapes vol. one  |  eve speciall

Eve Speciall knows how to give it to you good! This dope, globe trotting disc jockey knows a thing or two about stitching sounds together. After checking out her latest release, the Moodtapes Vol. One series, it is only natural to want more. Ms. Speciall strings together classics from vastly divergent sound universes and it works like a charm. And no where else will you find Kendrick Lamar in bed with Aaliyah? That’s what I am screamin! Ohhh! and check out the MISSBISH interview by Coco Marett. It’s a great write-up, I know only because I read it. Peace. Continue reading “stealyourgirl | moodtapes vol. one | eve speciall”

bon iver | 22, A Million

22, A Million

bon iver  |  22, A Million

Bon Iver (Justin Jordan) is that weird celestial being sent from space dust to brush up against our lame asses. He’s elucidating our understanding of what music can be. Vernon, is kinda like in hands of a raggedy-bearded shamanistic Miles Davis in anti-black face. This 22, A Million release is extraterrestrial sound ejaculate stitched lovingly against our collective eardrums and I love it. The tracks, there’s ten of them, shed majestically as they undress within our presence, at times coyly in half whisper, other times a direct (albeit hushed) inquiry into the upper and lower registers of need masquerading as want. The opening track 22 (OVER S∞∞N) is the equivalent of an Islamic call to prayer. A Western world’s quasi-adhan urging us to pivot our ears east and follow the progression of these quaint and beautiful sounds across the audio skyline and may the sun never set. 

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frank ocean | blond

Frank Ocean Blond

frank ocean | blond

Frank Ocean is laying the bricks of his legacy. Each song is a brick. The bricks are gold. Without much argument nor doubt, these bricks exist as intricately laid cobblestones leading Mr. Ocean to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame of our hearts.

Blond. This album will win awards. If not a Grammy or two, then most certainly a place upon the mantelpiece of cherished memories. His music, the heartfelt lyrics and the luscious melodies of your favorite Frank Ocean songs linger. Frank’s songs touch upon not just familiar themes, but familiar emotions. They are exploratory in their honesty and density of truth. Blond has more in common with bodies of work reminiscent of What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye),  Songs in the Key of Life (Stevie Wonder) and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (The Cure) or OK Computer (Radiohead) than with contemporary artists making music today. And above all the craftsmanship of Frank’s work is both substantive and relatable, and incredibly mundane in the most humanistic and provocative way.

Frank Ocean’s songs become our songs. The songs are where and when we need to hear them. Fuck a powdered line of this or a glassful of that, these songs are the remedy and the cure. Sweet potent words, and an ongoing body of work worth your while over and over again…Blond.

This album will win awards.

I am not going to get into the long four-year wait because ultimately it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the quality of the finished product and his latest release, Blond has plenty to get excited over and suss out. Songs of intricate beauty and sophisticated nuance. Songs draped in vulnerability, proclamations of  struggle, accomplishment, fear and the much sought after compulsion to escape and dissect from a distance.

“Every night fucks every day up , every day patches the day up…”

It’s been two weeks and a day since Frank dropped his sophomore release on iTunes and as a fan, I am still coming down off of major euphoria. This is a great album with a wonderful collection of songs. And getting to know and discover each track is an exercise is both self-awareness and Mr. Ocean’s unique observation of the world he occupies. The material on this release is vastly different from what The Ocean has previously given. But to be fair so much of what Frank has released to date is divergent from and not easily paired with other material within his catalog. Yet, here I am trying to compare Nostalgia Ultra with the crazy, sexy and mature songs found on the Blond offering. Hey, it’s what I do. Continue reading “frank ocean | blond”

throwback thursday | my time | minus the bear

my time | minus the bear

my time | minus the bear

Minus The Bear and their track My Time is one of our gallantly danceable Throwback Thursday selections this week. The reason being? Well, give it a listen and you’ll get a chronic case of the “happy feets”. Don’t worry, it’ll wash off in the shower. The track My Time is included in the band’s Omni (2010) release. It’s the first song on the LP and for good reason. This one made my summer playlist on the strength of his listenability and groovy vivaciousness. Yeppers! I said it so check it out. Also, peep the My Time (NGHTBLND Remix) after the jump. Peace. Continue reading “throwback thursday | my time | minus the bear”

sam padrul | hold on me | ft. mammals

sam padrul  |  hold on me  | ft. mammals

sam padrul | hold on me | ft. mammals

Sam Padrul drops a certified summertime hit with his energetic and every color of the rainbow track Hold On Me (ft. Mammals). It is rockin’ the top honors spot on my current playlist and I’m thinking this is easily one of coolest songs of the summer season. Hoping for much more Mr. Padrul. Peace.

Artist: Sam Padrul
Track: Hold On Me (ft. Mammals)