futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt

futurekids  |  white girl in a wu tang shirt
futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt

futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt
Futurekids always keep things interesting and fresh picked. I also lovingly appreciate the chill vibe the band emit through low-key sound miracles and surprisingly sentimental ditties. Case in point, the premiere of White Girl In A Wu Tang Shirt offers the quaint and lovey dovey. This track smolders like the embers of a nostalgic campfire ricocheting inside the synapses of fond memory. And although my assertions fall infinitely short of adequate fluffery you’ll appreciate the point.

This is good music plain and simple. The bands forthcoming album This Is Everything drops November 21st 2015. Below you can also check out the short Making of This Is Everything after the jump and get the FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time, because don’t cha know a good thing doesn’t last forever. Peace. Continue reading “futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt”

futurekids | inservice

Canada quartet futurekids‘s debut track Inservice taken from their forthcoming EP Say Goodnight to the Machines.

The storyboard was rendered by hand between June 12 and August 17, bassist/songwriter Nicholas Friesen spent 192 hours crafting this heart-breaking animated story following the journey of an assembled 4-track experiencing friendship and the ups and downs of falling in love. Check it out below. Continue reading “futurekids | inservice”

ps i love you | for those who stay | remix ep

PS I Love You are a couple of guys (Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson) from Ontario, Canada who have a tendency of wearing their northern hearts on their northern sleeves. And for lots of reasons, it is a good and noble thing to do. Why? Well, for starters as listeners we get the end results of their lived lives. How they interpret the seconds, hours and days of their existence. It’s all there, the piteous lows and the dizzying highs. An artist’s thoughts dipped into the ink; the blood, sweat and tears written into musical journal entries. Continue reading “ps i love you | for those who stay | remix ep”

jessy lanza | pull my hair back

Ridin’ it out with R&B-inspired vocalist, producer, and songwriter Jessy Lanza‘s, Pull My Hair Back (2013). The title release, bearing the same name as the album, was Lanza’s Hyperdub debut LP. Get it via iTunes today.

The 9-track album has a chill seductive vibe perfect for a late Friday night when it’s just two and a bottle of something that’ll make Dionysus proud. I’ve also thrown in the track Move Closer to seal the deal, plus it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD. Peace. Continue reading “jessy lanza | pull my hair back”

jay arner // don’t remind me

The song Don’t Remind Me is a melancholy ode with the heart of a steam engine, and Jay Arner, although unassuming, is a master of the understatement. Although he wears many hats and has has been all over the place doing all things music, this very capable singer/songwriter/producer has grasped the brass ring and is set to release his self-titled debut album Jay Arner this summer via Mint Records. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented Canadian. Peace. Continue reading “jay arner // don’t remind me”

jeremy glenn // marching on mix

Turn it up and dance like there’s no tomorrow…

The very buzz worthy forthcoming Mickey release ‘Heartstrings‘ featuring Jeremy Glenn drops next week, and just in case you need a bit of a refresher of Mr. Glenns’ musical skill set listen to the latest JG mixtape ‘Marching On Mix’. It’s more than a ton of fun so come get you some (that rhymed didn’t?). It’s a free download, so what are you waiting for? Peace. Continue reading “jeremy glenn // marching on mix”

purity ring // belispeak II (ft. danny brown)

Corin, Megan and Danny Brown. When is the video coming out?

At times you just have to revisit those songs that get you up and moving! The redo of Purity Ring‘s “Belispeak” into “Belispeak II” ft. Detroit rap resident and poetic potty-mouth Danny Brown is a match made somewhere in the disco realms of Dante’s Inferno. Pump this one again for fun time’s sake. Peace.

metz // headache

when a guitar driven band with a four piece drum dreams of a serious go at rock stardom they play pretty much whenever and wherever they can: dimly lit basements, skate shops and a whole lot of gritty bars and clubs are standard issue. and the end result may turn into what the canadian three-piece rockers metz have going on right now. metz marks a return to rock served up with heaping loads of distortion splattered all over walls, ceilings and eardrums wherever rock junkies gather to get their beer fueled party on. check out the song, “headache” complete with everything a rock track should be. peace. the band’s self-titled album dropped this month via sub pop records. peace. Continue reading “metz // headache”

dragonette // live in this city (video exclusive)

the generously gorgeous martina sorbara, and those two other human specimens (dan Kurtz and joel stouffer), no diss guys we just really like looking at ms. s with her pouty lips and doe-like eyes. anyway, what was i saying? oh i remember… canadian trio dragonette have a new video for their upbeat and vibrant song, “live in this city“. in it the band find themselves doing the street dance thing amongst other things. if you find yourself moving about to this one might i suggest heading over to the band’s website and streaming the whole lp? once there you can also pre-order their forthcoming album ‘bodyparts‘and peruse upcoming tour dates and generally get all up in the band’s biz. peace. Continue reading “dragonette // live in this city (video exclusive)”