amy bezunartea | oh the things a girl must do

amy bezunartea  |  oh the things a girl must  do
amy bezunartea | oh the things a girl must do

amy bezunartea | oh the things a girl must do
Amy Bonaparte lays bare the whole canon of modern feminism with only her dulcet voice and sparse guitar accompaniment offering the wryly potent song Oh The Things A Girl Must Do. Alright, maybe I’m overstating a wee much, or maybe not Clevertheless, (made up word, but so apt!) the song touches on the super awesome complex stew that is womanhood. The song is just one of many on Ms. B’s forthcoming New Villain release courtesy of Kiam Records. The album drops September 25th and if you’re a fan of vinyl, the first 100 pressings are going to be red wax. Now, I’m wondering is there a connection between the color red and the title Oh The Things A Girl Must Do? Where’s The Donald when you need him? That’s all I got. Peace. Continue reading “amy bezunartea | oh the things a girl must do”

our sunday best: william fitzsimmons | pittsburgh

william fitzsimmons  |  pittsburgh
william fitzsimmons | pittsburgh


william fitzsimmons | pittsburgh

William Fitzsimmons is dependable, like the constant sun and the enduring moon. His is a sound uncontrived and without artifice or unnecessary embellishments. On his latest work, the album Pittsburgh leaves my soul ajar letting the beauty of its continual gifts to drift in. Continue reading “our sunday best: william fitzsimmons | pittsburgh”

nathan k. | methodist girls

You won’t get to third base with these songs unless you’ve lived life, not unafraid, but unafraid to live.

A few hours ago my friend Nathan emailed to me gifts. Gifts of new music are always welcome around here (Thanks Mr. K). And as I ride eastward from Chicago aboard a bustling Amtrak train towards East Lansing Nathan’s latest release Methodist Girls is the perfect traveling companion.

Methodist Girls opens with Sloppy Love. For me this doleful beauty elicits a poignant depiction of our human hearts. How emotions get jostled from lover to lover. Eventually we grow jaded, lovelorn and even cynical. But we plod on hoping and searching for love, and at times we find it no matter how fleeting or lopsided. Continue reading “nathan k. | methodist girls”

malcanisten | wake ep

The songs of Amsterdam-based folk four-piece Malcanisten harken back to a time of bards, balladeers and rhapsodists utilizing the olden convention of music pre-dating recorded sound. And perhaps that is the bare approach interwoven throughout their recently released Wake EP.

The opening-track, “The Oven” opens pliant and sweet, like tranquil waves foaming up upon a barren stretch of coastline. Great guitar work, and with a melody evoking a measure of equanimity which settles feather soft. The harmonies are sumptuous too, mere soughing winds warm and tranquil with an undertow of peace and sweet dream. And that’s just the first track. “Fitting Coffin” comes off as a folkish affair lining my ears with wood smoke and nostalgia and a hint of Bob Marley.

The song “Clive Wearing” is a darkly beautiful song based on the real life story about a man with no memory. In the hands of Malcanisten the song becomes weighted with human flesh riddled with feeling and tugging emotion.

On the fourth track “Swans” the song is anchored by heavier vocals, perhaps to keep the song earthbound and within earshot. Again, the continuation of sweetness and light unfurls further as Sjaak Kassies and company weave a storyboard tapestry streaked with muted pastels and heartwarming meaning.

The final track “Prophets” exudes a bit of “hedgerow orations,” perhaps even a cautionary tale espousing astute spirituality (a remembrance of the old ways, etc. if you will) over moral frivolity. All in all, these are sobering songs displaying a beautiful darkness, they are bare, and they stare into the void of one’s ear, resonating like cathedral bells. Peace. Continue reading “malcanisten | wake ep”

malcanisten // clive wearing (our sunday best)

Nostalgic and heartfelt magic shrouded in the warm minimalism of tender musical expression – like soft falling rain silhouetted by distant thrumming thunder.

Amsterdam-based acoustic folk band Malcaninsten represents the very best in terms of songcraft and musical arrangement. On their debut song release “Clive Wearing,” the listener falls immediately under a spell cast by tender picked strings and the earnest homespun vocals of Sjaak Kassies. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday enwrapped in such a pristine and soulful endeavor. Peace. Continue reading “malcanisten // clive wearing (our sunday best)”

nathan k. // ghosts (dit session #24)

if you’re not familiar with the homespun music of nathan k. (Nathan Klages) then it is about time you take a few minutes and sit back and absorb the work-a-day music of this incredible michigan-based singer/songwriter. nathan’s soulfully wholesome album ‘dishes’ came out this summer, from which the beautiful track, “ghost” is taken. after the jump check out the dit session #24 for the previous mentioned track. how mr. k captures so much raw emotional tumult is both heart wrenching and a total explosion of happy/sad tears all at the some time. for more, check out nathan k.’s bob seger video and shiver at it’s majesty and grace. it’s as if every time nathan picks up a guitar and sets his honest mouth and accompanies the mercurial michigan clime, the airwaves rattle with the bones of truth. peace. Continue reading “nathan k. // ghosts (dit session #24)”

nadine carina // little bits ep (our sunday best)

does the name nadine carina ring a bell? well, you probably heard her lovely voice recently, she provided vocals for the cloud seeding project (kevin serra) on the track, “the light”. since introductions have been made, let me tell you about nadine carina’s solo experimental release ‘little bits’ ep. the newly crafted ep is a collection of experimental yet beautifully quirky odes and soundscapes perfect for late night musings or traveling through the astral plane. by the way the whole enchilada is available for free download via her bandcamp page. just so you know, my favorites our the, “paradise”, “a different face everyday” and the starlight sweetened song, “storm/calm featuring gated”. take your time with this one, it grows on you and will make a great attention to your music collection. ms. carina my hat off to you for creating such wonderful music. peace. Continue reading “nadine carina // little bits ep (our sunday best)”