ruby fröst // water to ice (golden age remix)

Music is an unstoppable force of which we cannot resist… nor want to.

I have a muse and her name is Teddi Stavee. She keeps whispering the most incredible things in my ear. Case in point, she recommended New Zealand vocalist Ruby Fröst‘s Water To Ice (Golden Age Remix) to me. And of course she’s right (Muses are always right) when conveying an inability to stop listening to it. I feel the same way. You can catch Ms. Fröst in all of her unbridled vocal glory on her debut release Volition via iTunes. Peace. Continue reading “ruby fröst // water to ice (golden age remix)”

watercolours // under

A song so slow and sweet it leaves scratches upon my soul’s back.

Chelsea Jade Metcalf is Watercolours and the track Under, melts like slow dripping icicles licked tenderly by winter sunshine… GAH! Metaphors can be so naught,y but luckily the music is pristine and genuine. After the jump check out the lyrics too. Peace. Continue reading “watercolours // under”

the eversons // with a little help from my friends

in the rough and tumble world of today nothing says appreciation like a tribute album (hey, who doesn’t want to feel pretty and special?) so, a whole passel of folks with good intentions got together to honor the new zealand band the eversons (it was a tough job, but dammit someone had to do it). on this release you’ll hear various artists, i.e., princess chelsea, the boa constrictors, street chant and a few others do their best to do justice to the most excellent songwriting of the eversons. oh yeah, i’m talking about the ‘with a little help from my friends’ ep and it’s a free download. my favorite of the lot is the somber ode, “why can’t you just be happy for me?”. check it out the everson’s on lil’chief records. also, since we’re on the subject, the eversons debut album summer feeling‘ is out now for your rapacious musical consumption. i had a listen and i must say its pretty damn good stuff. peace. Continue reading “the eversons // with a little help from my friends”

princess chelsea // the cigarette duet (video)

When checking out the cutesy song The Cigarette Duet by Princes Chelsea that’s gone viral on Youtube, some words of caution. Don’t make the mistake of expecting the rest of the songs featured on her debut album ‘Lil Golden Book as being equally didactic. Although it may appear Ms. Chelsea Nikkel has a thing against societies double-trouble legal vices; cigarettes and booze (listen to Too Fast To Live as well) it’s all good though. But don’t worry Princess C. isn’t all about composing quirky moralistic pop odes. No, she likes to have fun just like everybody else. I swear. If you’re looking for something that is witty and filled with, in some cases, maudlin dream-mare, then Princess Chelsea is the one for you. And if you like visions of Alice In Wonderland gone all Gothic, and I do, then you like her just fine.  I love her song, “Yulia” which is delivered with clipped no-nonsense enunciation, and the video for the song only lends further to her off kilter style and adroit observations. For more, visit her SoundCloud for gems like “Caution Repetitive” and “Goodnight Little Robot Child” as well as several other songs from Princess Chelsea, our pop royalty debutante from Auckland, New Zealand. Peace. Continue reading “princess chelsea // the cigarette duet (video)”

Secret Knives – Affection

Alright, I got something to proclaim. Secret Knives should be more popular in the U.S. than they are by now. Maybe I’m overstating my assertion, you think? Not even. I’m an incredibly large advocate of letting the music speak for itself. So, after the jump you’ll find the entire Affection album.  I am abundantly confident you’re going to love it.  Watch out for the tracks The Shining, Affection and the incredibly gorgeous song The Garden. Let me apologize in advance for withholding such a wonderful bundle of songs. Didn’t you know? The band from Wellington, New Zealand rocks! Peace. Continue reading “Secret Knives – Affection”

secret knives // the garden

The New Zealand band Secret Knives more than likely is a band not too many of your friends have heard of. Well, that shouldn’t be the case, because their latest release LP Affection (via A Low Hum Records) is giant. It is that rare album where you can press play and let it ride. From beginning to end it doesn’t hit a snag. Secret Knives’ music is categorized as shoegaze. If you don’t know what shoegaze is it is a term coined in the late 1980s as a subgenre of alternative rock that had its beginnings in the U.K. Basically, it means music that incorporates lots of guitar effects, i.e. distortion, reverb, phase, flange, and delay. Regardless of what category Secret Knives music falls into doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they are a magnificent band worth listening to. So, spread the word. Peace. Continue reading “secret knives // the garden”