plastic flowers // empty eyes

grecian dream-pop two piece plastic flowers release the first single from the forthcoming ‘plastic flowers’ ep via bad panda records. after the jump listen to the slow burner, “empty eyes” and you’ll hit repeat involuntarily a few time. also, it is a free download so it’s a double joy to start you day out right. peace.

videotape // static

Fellow Chicagoans AJ Cesena, Sophie Leigh, Ian McDuffie, Sarah Sterling, and Jenna Caravello are the band Videotape. And while their name may place an emphasis on the visual it is the band’s large pulsing rock/pop sound (and Sophie Leigh’s sexy vocals) that’ll win you over. The song, “Static” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album This Is Disconnect which drops September 24th, 2012.  Continue reading “videotape // static”

mothlight // american spirit ep

The San Diego electro collective known as Mothlight and helmed by music mastermind Matt Billings released their American Spirit EP a few months ago (May 17th), and frankly speaking you deserve nothing less than to be washed beneath this luscious wave of euphoria over and over again. It’s hard to categorize Mothlight’s sound, because its more an amalgamation of genres, ranging from ambient, chillwave, psychedelica and the seemingly all-encompassing scatter-shot umbrella known as contemporary Pop music. Whatever you deign to label it, it works. Peace. Continue reading “mothlight // american spirit ep”

the history of apple pie // do it wrong

The History Of Apple Pie have pulled the gloves off to reveal knuckles encased in brass. The bands latest single, “Do It Wrong” finds Stephanie Min fully embracing her rock-n-roll bitchiness with a snarl and attitude galore. “Do It Wrong” will be released August 6th via Marshall Teller Records. You can  pre-order the limited edition (only 300 will be pressed) 7″ (b/w “Long Way To Go”, on white vinyl. Peace. Continue reading “the history of apple pie // do it wrong”

the history of apple pie // mallory

I think The History of Apple Pie is my fatal fuzzy fantasy band come to life, if not they’ll do until it gets here. Their music is the perfect blend of shaggy hair in your bubble gum — don’t worry, that’s just my way of describing their unshorn shoegazy pop sound. And the vocals of Stephanie Min make want to do unmentionable things to my speakers. Like rip ’em apart and commune with their fizzling innards. Hey, what can I say? I’m weird like that. Anyway, listen to the song “Mallory,” and if it makes you feel like putting on the warm wool sweater of nostalgia and pout into your yearbook, don’t say I didn’t warn you. THOAP is mighty, mighty delicious stuff. Peace. Continue reading “the history of apple pie // mallory”

Secret Knives – Affection

Alright, I got something to proclaim. Secret Knives should be more popular in the U.S. than they are by now. Maybe I’m overstating my assertion, you think? Not even. I’m an incredibly large advocate of letting the music speak for itself. So, after the jump you’ll find the entire Affection album.  I am abundantly confident you’re going to love it.  Watch out for the tracks The Shining, Affection and the incredibly gorgeous song The Garden. Let me apologize in advance for withholding such a wonderful bundle of songs. Didn’t you know? The band from Wellington, New Zealand rocks! Peace. Continue reading “Secret Knives – Affection”

The Morning Clouds – A Walk Home (Video)

Listening to The Morning Clouds is always delightful. However, watching their latest video for the song “A Walk Home” is tough. But maybe that’s the point. Throughout the entire video we are served a lukewarm heaping helping of starched work-a-day glibness. It’s uncomfortable to watch, mostly because it turns a magnifying glass in on the lives we live and how we chose to lead them. The video begs the question: Do we want a life of cookie-cutter mediocrity or do we search for something of real substance?  But alas, we’re all passengers, or even more depressing, participants in the rat race in one way or another. The Morning Clouds dropped their latest LP on October 11th, so it’s available now. I fear though, if I watch the video again I many just get myself a “life coach”, Peace.

The Morning Clouds – A Walk Home from Richard Karpala on Vimeo.

secret knives // the garden

The New Zealand band Secret Knives more than likely is a band not too many of your friends have heard of. Well, that shouldn’t be the case, because their latest release LP Affection (via A Low Hum Records) is giant. It is that rare album where you can press play and let it ride. From beginning to end it doesn’t hit a snag. Secret Knives’ music is categorized as shoegaze. If you don’t know what shoegaze is it is a term coined in the late 1980s as a subgenre of alternative rock that had its beginnings in the U.K. Basically, it means music that incorporates lots of guitar effects, i.e. distortion, reverb, phase, flange, and delay. Regardless of what category Secret Knives music falls into doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they are a magnificent band worth listening to. So, spread the word. Peace. Continue reading “secret knives // the garden”