Secret Knives – Affection

Alright, I got something to proclaim. Secret Knives should be more popular in the U.S. than they are by now. Maybe I’m overstating my assertion, you think? Not even. I’m an incredibly large advocate of letting the music speak for itself. So, after the jump you’ll find the entire Affection album.  I am abundantly confident you’re going to love it.  Watch out for the tracks The Shining, Affection and the incredibly gorgeous song The Garden. Let me apologize in advance for withholding such a wonderful bundle of songs. Didn’t you know? The band from Wellington, New Zealand rocks! Peace. Continue reading “Secret Knives – Affection”

secret knives // the garden

The New Zealand band Secret Knives more than likely is a band not too many of your friends have heard of. Well, that shouldn’t be the case, because their latest release LP Affection (via A Low Hum Records) is giant. It is that rare album where you can press play and let it ride. From beginning to end it doesn’t hit a snag. Secret Knives’ music is categorized as shoegaze. If you don’t know what shoegaze is it is a term coined in the late 1980s as a subgenre of alternative rock that had its beginnings in the U.K. Basically, it means music that incorporates lots of guitar effects, i.e. distortion, reverb, phase, flange, and delay. Regardless of what category Secret Knives music falls into doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they are a magnificent band worth listening to. So, spread the word. Peace. Continue reading “secret knives // the garden”