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D. Durand (Founder/Writer)
The Earology Dept is a Michigan-based blog founded in the Fall of 2011. In the beginning this was only a way for me to share my music interests with friends, and whoever else (sometimes accidentally) stopped by. Fast forward a few years, and now this little music blog of mine is growing in ways I never imagined, and is reaching people the world over. I’m happy with how it has evolved. And I am very excited about the future and what it may hold for my corner of the internets.

The blog is written by me, D. Durand. As of right now it is a one man show. But, hopefully I’ll find some super-talented artsy type who shares my taste in music and can bring a more technical skill-set to this little piece of the blogosphere. So far I’ve received some pretty awesome feedback from random listeners and bands and/or artists alike. It is especially nice when a band and/or artist emails or tweets back saying how much they really like what I had to say about their music. Cloud 9. What is equally nice is the feedback I get from people thanking me for introducing them to some pretty awesome new music. Cloud 11.

Although I have a penchant for indie and alternative music I cover other genres as well. Actually, I don’t really pay much attention to genres of music, I just post what I like, regardless. Having said that I would love to hear from you. FYI: I really have a soft spot in my musical heart for Michigan-based bands and bands/artists with roots here, so I’d love to hear from you. I only ask the following:

  • You include a link that allows me to hear your music in less than 2 clicks
  • You include a copy of your song/album (or a link that makes it super accessible) and expressly tell me which song(s) are available to be posted online

That’s it in a nutshell, you can also find me elsewhere:

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    1. Thanks so much, and of course I don’t mind. Sharing music is what this blog is all about, it is encouraged to the utmost. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out the blog. Peace.

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