Born Gold – Body Songs

Born Gold - Bodysongs

Alright already, I know so many of you look forward to Fridays just because the mood around here at Mitten Mouth Music is a danceable one. I understand completely. I’m here to help Fridays feel a little more special by serving piping hot upbeat and effervescent music. Yeah, I said ‘effervescent’. First up is Born Gold, in their latest permutation these guys are casting a sinister ghostly pall of skittery Electro-Pop just in time for Halloween. Although the name is new, you many be familiar with previous monikers. Does Neon or Gobble Gobble ring a bell? Name change notwithstanding your body won’t be able to tell the difference. Because if what your seeking is music to groove to then go ahead and click play already. Born Gold‘s debut LP Bodysongs dropped September 20th, so its available immediately. Peep this, you can even name your price, just head over to¬† Crash Symbols and do the damn thang. Check out the whole enchilada below. Peace.

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