mani orrason | miracle due

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mani orrason | miracle due

Mani Orrason weaves an incredibly hopeful ode. Here is a veritable poster boy song subscribing to the universal belief which espouses “Every dog will have its day.” The track Miracle Due is taken from Repeating Patterns, the debut album from this 16-year old singer-songwriter hailing from Iceland. Peace.

Artist: Mani Orrason
Album: Fed All My Days
Featured Track: Miracle Due

Mani Orrason’s debut album Repeating Patterns tracklisting:
01. Fed All My Days
02. Walls Keep Caving In
03. Change My Mind
04. Money At Home
05. Miracle Due
06. I Paint a Picture
07. Now I’m Alone
08. Working Title
09. Why Are You Sat Alone
10. Lilja
11. Repeating Patterns
12. Regenerate – Forgive – Find Peace

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