remove my pictures | tess & dave

remove my pictures  |  tess & dave

remove my pictures | tess & dave

Tess & Dave are a bit of blue pill for me, in that there’s lots of shadowy melancholy light hanging over the collection of songs which makes up their debut Tess & Dave EP out now on Friendship Fever.

And please don’t take my sober observation of the music as a sign of disdain. Nothing coulg be further from the truth because I enjoy this release A LOT! Yes, the songs are a tad dark and it’s okay. Life can get our heads in a crazy places and songs like Hold My Own Hand and Remove My Pictures, et al are instantly recognizable and it is that thread of commonality which will keep this one playing on repeat. Peace.

Band: Tess & Dave
Release: Tess & Dave EP
Featured Track: Remove My Pictures

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