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giraffage & viceroy | impression of you | feat. patrick baker

  giraffage & viceroy | impression of you | feat. patrick baker   Giraffage is a badass stand alone artist, we know this already. But, when coupled with the production and inventive wonderment that Viceroy brings to the table, well, there’s plenty to feast upon. I hope your ears have their lobster bids on because […]

digitalism | second chance | alexaert remix

  digitalism | second chance | alexaert remix   Digitalism (Jens Moelle and Ismail Tüfekçi) gives us the best of all possible things; another go round. I’ll take more of that, please! Listen as their joyful noise of a track Second Chance (Alexaert Remix) ushers in its jamlicious vibe!

rosie perez | do to me | nick monaco remix

  rosie perez | do to me | nick monaco remix   Rosie Perez is a bit of an obscurity. But my inability to find more useful info doesn’t water down her talent. I know Rosamalia adopted the pseudonym Rosie Perez for this particular Wolf + Lamb project. That’s all Ii got. Sorwee. Here, I […]

blood orange | on the line

  blood orange | on the line Blood Orange (Devonté Hynes) is a man after my own ears, and here’s a BO throwback from a few years ago. “One The Line” is a favorite of mine and I’m hoping you like it too. The track hails from Blood Orange’s Cupid Deluxe (2013) release courtesy of […]

hot chip | burning up

  Hot Chip is well known for conjuring up inventive and highly dance worthy musical fare. And let’s be honest its been a minute since the boys from London graced our ears with a beat or two. Well wait no more with a new album underway there is hope yet the summer isn’t going to […]

slow hands | everything (we are) ep

  New York City-based Slow Hands is letting the funk in through your eardrum and it’s all good. The stand out track on Miss White lifted from his latest Everything (We Are) EP is a glossy house-funk soul ride into a happy space and it hits the body in all the right places. After the […]

moon boots | whatever you need

  Moon Boots taps into the main vein of House music and delivers an instant classic. The track “Whatever You Need,” is the epitome of good music. Peace.

casino gold | gdd quest mix | free download

  Casino Gold (Luke & Zack Matsuk) have put together a fresh GDD Guest Mix for our friends over at GDD, and it may possibly be more than your ears can handle. It is not only a stellar collection of ear candy it’s also a FREE DOWNLOAD, so what’s not to like? Nada. Check it […]

the mercy beat | an act of mercy | sweet | video

The Mercy Beat hits low. They know what we like and they use it against us. Here they offer their track, “Sweet,” in a capsule of cinematic eye-candy. The video is nice but I reckon so is the rest of the aural anatomy that is sure to follow. I hereby dub TMB Seductive and majorly […]

jessy lanza | pull my hair back

  Ridin’ it out with R&B-inspired vocalist, producer, and songwriter Jessy Lanza‘s, Pull My Hair Back (2013). The title release, bearing the same name as the album, was Lanza’s Hyperdub debut LP. Get it via iTunes today.     The 9-track album has a chill seductive vibe perfect for a late Friday night when it’s […]