now, now // giants

Instantly I liked this. It’s the tickling synth intro. Then the gently thrummed guitar. It’s the steady uphill climb until the sun breaks out and singer-keyboardist-guitarist Cacie Dalager opens her mouth. She had me at, “If I believed in god I would not have done the things you’ve done…” What is there to do against such a song? Nothing. Just try and be still and attune every fiber of your being to the task of listening and absorbing every single note. “Giants” is a formidable and precious song, even more so in its acoustic version. Which is also available on their EP Neighbors. Their album dropped last year 2010, but so what, it’s still brilliantly awesome. Peace.

P.S. Is Cacie Dalager channeling Harriet Wheeler? Just a thought. Continue reading “now, now // giants”

la dispute // wildlife

Who says loud agitated music isn’t beautiful or thought provoking? Not I. Although the lyrics of La Dispute aren’t always incendiary political affairs, they feel like it. What’s also readily apparent, is these guys don’t lack, well, rage or talent . However, the good thing about this band is that they channel all the bitterness and beauty of living into deeply emotional fare. Their new album Wildlife (out now via No Sleep Records) is filled with tales of trail and error, longing, love lost, and lots of boiling over angst aplenty. And through it all this five-piece tour de force from Grand Rapids, MI sound like a veritable punk-rock orchestra of sound. Each song is refined chaos, more than anything else, hitting you square in your chest. Leaving your pulse racing, your brow sweaty and your fist clenched. But what do you do after this just under an hour album cranks you up to 11? You thank your lucky stars for every little ounce of joy you can eke out of life. Peace. Continue reading “la dispute // wildlife”