Feist _ How Come You Never Go There

There is so much to be said about this wonderfully talented human being. Feist sounds like a wounded angel yearning for solace, her voice is what is left of the air after lightning strikes across the heavens. A voice so clean and bare, not so much the voice of innocence, but of hard wrought knowledge pulsing and clinging to each haunting note. Above all music releases this year, this is the one album that I am anticipating the most. If you’re already a fan then by Davy Jones’ locker you know how wonderful she is. Feist’s fourth solo album Metals is set for release October 3rd, and is understandably already generating a huge amount of buzz. The first single “How Come You Never Go There,”  has already produced tons of excitement. If you haven’t already heard this song give it a listen, and you’ll quickly be reminded how phenomenal she is all over again.

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