Whirr – Junebouvier

Whirr -Distressor EP

San Francisco Bay Area band Whirr unleashes fistfuls of distortion and barely-there vocals on their cut Junebouvier. As soon as this song ends you’ll hit repeat more than a few times. Whirr is Nick Bassett (guitar), Joey Bautista (guitar), Byanca Munoz (vocals & synth), Sergio Miranda (drums), Loren Rivera (guitar & vocals) and Eddie Salgado (bass). Check out the full Distressor EP at whirrband.bandcamp.com

Givers – Up Up Up

Givers - Up Up Up

Givers the little big band from Louisiana plays music that is infectious and just plain fun to listen to. Their sound is reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, yet they have a sound that is still very much their own. Is it impossible to listen them perform and not feel good?

Toro Y Moi – How I Know

Tora Y Moi

The perfect feel good music, bright, not too sweet, and easy on the ears. Toro Y Moi is all these things and then some. The native South Cackalackian, that’s South Carolina for all the uninitiated, is finally getting the recognition he so rightly deserves. Born Chazwick Bundick way back in the day, and now going by the moniker Toro Y Moi, he has created for himself a music that is mixed with the best of several genres, from R&B, Rock, Electronica, etc. the sound has been aptly described as chillwave, I couldn’t agree more. The track below, How I Know is taken from the Underneath the Pine EP, and the accompanying video involves murderous female ghosts looking for a few friends, creepy and funny just how an horror music video ought to be.

shabazz palaces | black up

Let’s go back to 2009, ok? Alright, I understand maybe you don’t want to revisit the entire 365 days of ’09, so let’s just sample a snippet. Digable Planets alum Ishmael Butler aka Palaceer Lazaro materializes out of the stratosphere and joins forces with Tendai ‘Baba’ Maraire to deliver the wonderful star stuff of Shabazz Palaces dropping two truncated EPs, Eagles Soar, Oil Flows and The Seven New.

Out of a magician’s hat something surreal  materializes; unlikely album names coupled with off the beaten path track titles. But these weren’t the only oddities. Take into account the music, which is genre busting too. You may sense an understatement in the mist, which if you listen to the tracks below you’ll immediately understand.

In 2009 Shabazz Palaces not only turned hip-hop on it’s proverbial ear, but the persona, previously known as Butterfly re-wrote its underlying code. Shabazz Palaces offers hip-hop processed through the gigantic particle accelerator at CERN. Songs begin in one place and culminate in another. The lyricism is dope, but in an altered state sort of way, i.e. dreamy and mystical yet introspective and consciousness raising.  In it’s raw organic form the music is easily digestible ; it is akin to avant garde jazz , in that it has structure but it roams terrain previously unexplored by most hip hop heads.

With Shabazz Palaces you  never step into the same river twice, with each listen a new facet is revealed. So, if your looking for Top 40 hip-hop forget about it. But if you are looking for that monster tsunami to ride into the wee hours of the morning then jump aboard.

I posted the old stuff first, the latest Shabazz Palaces album Black Up dropped June 28th of 2011. The track An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinitum is 100% butta’. At times it is appropriate to give a primer before you hit ’em with the straight dope. Peace. Continue reading “shabazz palaces | black up”

Ganglians – Sleep

This isn’t just another Sacramento, California band by the way. This is the Ganglians. And although they have just recently been brought to my attention I think what they are doing is a service to humanity, well at least musically speaking. OK, maybe that’s a bit over the top. Their sound has definitely won me over, but whether or not they win a Pulitzer remains to be seen (JOKE!). It has been two years since their last release, so the album title Still Living is justified. The  album dropped last week on August 23rd via Lefse Records. The overall album has a psychedelic vibe that I really like. I posted the song “Sleep” which is a somber tune.  Who doesn’t  like a bit of melancholy served in low doses? Check ’em out. Peace.

L-Vis 1990 – Lost in Love

L-Vis 1990

The debut album of L-Vis 1990 steps out of the history of house music. The album Neon Dreams is the next evolutionary step forward.  How so? Because it doesn’t merely  mimic what has already been done before, instead it pushes house music further into an elevated state of being. Neon Dreams is more than just music to dance to, it is music to chill to as well. It comes at you in various tempos, and wears the garb of different moods. The opening track “Lost In Love” is sung by Corey Black and sets up the tone of the album perfectly. Listeners will get a taste of the various flavors of house music: past, future, and present. A helpful hint, toss out any preconceived notions and just listen. Let Neon Dreams take you there. Peace.

Male Bonding – Endless Now

Male Bonding's new release Endless Now

Male Bonding the excellent Sub Pop darlings have just released the follow-up to their 2010 release, Nothing Hurts. Talk about restless. However, this time around the band chose to look beyond their native land and journeyed to the Big Apple (NYC) to record at Dreamland Recording Studio, the locale was a 19th Century church in a previous life. This time around John Agnello is producing, think Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile, etc. The new album Endless Now is laced with flashes of pop punk , lo-fi, and surfer rock. You can stream the entire album below. Get in touch with your inner Punk Rocker. I think you will not be disappointed. Peace.

Mozart Parties – Wish My Thoughts Away

James Bennett = Mozart Parties

The bassline alone in Wish My Thoughts Away by Mozart Parties (James Bennett) feels like a day of whimsical daydreaming. This song has the uncanny ability to take your mind off of almost anything: from troubling thoughts, a mundane job, or a stubbed toe. This is a wonderful dreamy song somewhere out of the world of a modern day Louis Carroll tale. Also, check out the songs “Black Cloud” and “Raining At The Crossroads”, both are guaranteed to make you smile, or hug a random stranger. Peace

Wish My Thoughts Away

Raining At The Crossroads

Mozart Parties – Black Cloud from rob heppell on Vimeo.

Tyler the Creator – Yonkers

Tyler the Creator

Yeppers! The kid did good, real good. As the reigning MTV Music Awards Best New Artist of 2011 Tyler the Creator, a.k.a. Ace Creator can hold is head up high. With this win there is a bit of vindication, or maybe validation. Validation not so much for him but for the naysayers who doubted and chugged the haterade by the gallon. And if you watched Mr. Creator, a.k.a. Wolf Haley, give his acceptance speech it was evident that he didn’t have one, but improvised, as is his trade and swore aplenty. No one in the house was more surprised than Tyler the Creator, well maybe Wiz Khalifa but that’s another story. Tyler is a fresh-faced impresario, maybe a bit of an oddball, but talented nonetheless. You got to give this young man mad props though for doing his thang big time, and at the end of his speech his advice to all up and coming would be rappers, chase your dream. Tyler the Creator’s 2nd album Goblin is worth checking out (as if you haven’t already), as for the video for the track Yonkers, it is one of the most, how do I say this, …um, interesting videos of  2011.

Tyler The Creator – Yonkers from GiostaV on Vimeo.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs // You Need Me On My Own

Based in Oxford, U.K. Orlando Higginbottom, yes that’s his real name, recreated this song with a bit of soul. Listening to “You Need Me On My Own” makes me want to grab my woman and dance real close. Yes, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is a mouthful of a name, but, unlike dinosaurs this bad mamma jamma is far from extinct, and the music is anything but primitive. Peace. Continue reading “Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs // You Need Me On My Own”