The Weeknd – The Zone (ft. Drake)

The Zone
The Weekend "The Zone"

The Weeknd (twenty-year-old singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye from Toronto) is futuristic R&B. It  is solar flares reaching out with tendrils of mystic soul stuff. It is newly awakened supernatural grooves rubbing smoky electronic synth dust from it’s eyes. This is what The Weeknd offers in healthy abundance. And Drake, well his flow is the proverbial icing on this plushed out slice of space cake. Like incense, let The Zone fill your head room with sweet sticky sound.

Bos Angeles – Beach Slalom

Bos Angeles

Originally from Boscombe, U.K. the band Bos Angeles creates some pretty fantastic alternative-pop music. I love it when at first listen you already know you got to have a song on your iPod. This is such a song. Their track “Beach Slalom” is a mid-tempo dream of pleasant noise.

Feist _ How Come You Never Go There

There is so much to be said about this wonderfully talented human being. Feist sounds like a wounded angel yearning for solace, her voice is what is left of the air after lightning strikes across the heavens. A voice so clean and bare, not so much the voice of innocence, but of hard wrought knowledge pulsing and clinging to each haunting note. Above all music releases this year, this is the one album that I am anticipating the most. If you’re already a fan then by Davy Jones’ locker you know how wonderful she is. Feist’s fourth solo album Metals is set for release October 3rd, and is understandably already generating a huge amount of buzz. The first single “How Come You Never Go There,”  has already produced tons of excitement. If you haven’t already heard this song give it a listen, and you’ll quickly be reminded how phenomenal she is all over again.

nicolas jaar // john the revelator

Often enough house music is too formulaic and predictable. Not so with Nicolas Jaar, and for that reason alone he is worth listening to. Mr. Jaar isn’t afraid to push the envelope and infuse his style of house music with various world influences. John the Revelator isn’t for the typical house music purist, whatever the hell that means. But it is for anyone who doesn’t like their music pre-packaged and over processed. So, light a candle, have a glass of whatever elixir suits your fancy, and simply chill. Also, check out Nicolas Jaar’s label Clown & Sunset on Facebook for more exemplar musical fare. Peace. Continue reading “nicolas jaar // john the revelator”

Family of the Year – Summer Girl

I selected this song because right now the sun is going down and to me this track personifies the perfect summer romance song. There has been a lot of good things said and written about Family of the Year, but mostly I like them because they are homey and down to earth. Summer Girl is damn good music that is simple yet well crafted.


Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling

There is a soft spot in my heart for Veronica Falls not because guitarist Roxanne Clifford has a nice voice, well maybe that is the reason, so what. At any rate this U.K. band’s song Bad Feeling gives me a very good vibe. Enjoy.

Zodiacs – Faraway Friend

I’m throwing the super band Zodiacs  into the lot, not because its new, but because its a no-brainer. Plus, doing so tempers my fetish for Dee Dee’s (Dum Dum Girls) coal-fired vocals. I also like it because its sounds like Peter Murphy is moaning like an addict whilst providing the backing vocals. Although Dee Dee takes the lead vocally, she isn’t the only well known band member. From the band Woods there is , Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveniere playing drums and guitar, respectively. Also, on loan from the band Blank Dogs we have the musical genius of Mike Sniper on bass and providing backing vocals. Finally, from the Lo-Fi band Crystal Stilts’ the formidable JB Townsend riffing on guitar. Nothing to expect but greatness from this assemblage of talent. Enjoy. Peace.

Dum Dum Girls – He Gets Me High

I am eagerly awaiting the Dum Dum Girl’s forthcoming album Only In Dreams, which is set to be released September 27th. Yep, you guessed right I’ve already pre-ordered it. I have been searching furiously for their track Always Looking to no avail, but until I find it I’m still rockin’ the old stuff, i.e. He Gets Me High.