Zodiacs – Faraway Friend

I’m throwing the super band Zodiacs  into the lot, not because its new, but because its a no-brainer. Plus, doing so tempers my fetish for Dee Dee’s (Dum Dum Girls) coal-fired vocals. I also like it because its sounds like Peter Murphy is moaning like an addict whilst providing the backing vocals. Although Dee Dee takes the lead vocally, she isn’t the only well known band member. From the band Woods there is , Jeremy Earl and Jarvis Taveniere playing drums and guitar, respectively. Also, on loan from the band Blank Dogs we have the musical genius of Mike Sniper on bass and providing backing vocals. Finally, from the Lo-Fi band Crystal Stilts’ the formidable JB Townsend riffing on guitar. Nothing to expect but greatness from this assemblage of talent. Enjoy. Peace.

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