futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt

futurekids  |  white girl in a wu tang shirt
futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt

futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt
Futurekids always keep things interesting and fresh picked. I also lovingly appreciate the chill vibe the band emit through low-key sound miracles and surprisingly sentimental ditties. Case in point, the premiere of White Girl In A Wu Tang Shirt offers the quaint and lovey dovey. This track smolders like the embers of a nostalgic campfire ricocheting inside the synapses of fond memory. And although my assertions fall infinitely short of adequate fluffery you’ll appreciate the point.

This is good music plain and simple. The bands forthcoming album This Is Everything drops November 21st 2015. Below you can also check out the short Making of This Is Everything after the jump and get the FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time, because don’t cha know a good thing doesn’t last forever. Peace. Continue reading “futurekids | white girl in a wu tang shirt”

alt-j | hunger of the pine | the golden pony remix

indie band,

indie band,

The Leeds band Alt-J is pretty amazing as is, but when you put a solid track such as Hunger Of The Pine in the very inventive and capable hands of the exceptional producers of The Golden Pony sparks fly. Look at Mr. and Mr. The Golden Pony’s record, for it reads like the successive accomplishments of some very astute mixologists. Yet, to classify Timothy Monkiewicz and Thomas Murphy as simply mixers of music is not telling the whole story. Consider the following lifted from their Facebook fanpage: Continue reading “alt-j | hunger of the pine | the golden pony remix”

phox | slow motion | official video

Baraboo, Wisconsin based band PHOX are by far my fav newish carnival band. And now I’ve yet another reason to lose my top hat over Monica Martin & Co. Check out the (band member) Zach Johnson-directed video for the track “Slow Motion“after the jump.  Also, you just may want to grab Phox’s new, sort of, debut self-titled album. The songs are remastered and have a more finished quality than previous recordings (thanks Jeff Lipton).  Keep your eyeballs peeled, the album drops June 24th courtesy of Partisan Records. You can, and surely may Pre-order at: Amazon or iTunes and at www. phoxband.com. Peace. Continue reading “phox | slow motion | official video”

papercuts // still knocking at the door

Papercuts release the lead single from the forthcoming Easy Sound Recording Co. debut, Life Among The Savages. The music of Jason Robert Quever seems distilled from a far off and distant local, mainly from the depths of ruby red and beating heart. The album drops May, 6, 2014 in the US and Canada and May 12, 2014 in Europe courtesy of Memphis Industries. Peace. Continue reading “papercuts // still knocking at the door”

crystal fighters // love natural + video

Close your eyes, now picture yourself in that happy crowd why don’t ‘cha!

Crystal Fighters are the funnest of bands. Their songs always manage to be infused with nary a molecule of malicious intent. Listen the song Love Natural and have your spirit buoyed and uplifted. It is all kinds of good feeling. Just so you know, the band’s Cave Rave LP could be one your favorites of 2013 if only you gave it a chance. Stick around and check out the Ben Perry & Duncan Christie directed video after the jump. Peace. Continue reading “crystal fighters // love natural + video”

let’s buy happiness // run

The band Let’s Buy Happiness didn’t send me a press or media kit asking me to review their songs. No begging for my attention. Why would they? I pen a infinitesimally small music blog way off in a remote quadrant of the Nebula Galaxy. Slight aside I am smitten with the band’s existence, especially the vocals of Ms. Sarah Hall (wrapped around the obvious talent of those bandmates weaving a shroud of beauty around her). Which for lack of a more developed vocabulary I’ll call the obverse antipathy of evanescent (hey, I’m trying here). After dredging the web for more, ’cause gotdamnit I’m an unabashed and voracious consumer and alas my gluttony knows no bounds (middle finger to the other deadly sins as well by the way). After much turmoil and effort I found Works Better On Paper, Fast Fast, Six Wolves, and the No Hot Ashes EP. Yet, not surprisingly my ears go unsated. Sigh. Here’s hoping LBH stop being the sadists they so obviously are and release a full debut LP soon, like yesterday soon. Oh, Ms. Hall you’ve a Feist-y heart. Peace. Continue reading “let’s buy happiness // run”