Phantogram – Don’t Move

I want to take Sarah Barthel on a date, take her someplace nice and show her a really good time; Josh Carter you can even chaperone, just so you can pinch me from time to time. Agreed? At times when someone does you a solid (like release a great EP) a thank you is in order, no? If you want to know why I’m so enamored (and thankful) just take a moment to listen to Ms. Barthel’s voice and the not pithy swarm of music surrounding it. Her voice, the music – combined it is a thing of beauty no doubt, and it is on full display throughout their sexy mini-album Nightlife. Head over to their myspace page and listen to more of Phantogram. Its just a click away and the reward? BIG! Peace.


And of course I have to leave you with something to stare at adoringly while you vibe out, set your peepers on the video for “When I’m Small.”

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